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Panel Study Labour Market and Social Security (PASS) and PASS survey data linked to administrative data of the IAB (PASS-ADIAB)

The Panel Labour Market and Social Security (PASS) is a central dataset for research on the labour market, poverty and means-tested income support in Germany (German Social Code Book II). Established by the IAB in 2007, annual surveys are conducted in households in receipt of Unemployment Benefit II and households registered as residents of Germany. Initially, a personal interview is carried out with the heads of all selected households. Subsequently, all members of the household aged 15 or over are interviewed.
The Panel Study Labour Market and Social Security allows to analyse the dynamic of the receipt of Unemployment Benefit II as well as the effects of receipt of social benefits on the economic and social situation of the affected households and individuals. Furthermore, PASS also offers information beyond its central issues of employment and unemployment, comprising a variety of socio-demographic characteristics and subjective indicators such as contentment, fears and problems or employment orientation

Information on the different versions of the PASS data

PASS data are available in two different Versions:

  • PASS survey data (PASS). Please find more detailed information on the dataset in the outline.
  • PASS survey data linked to administrative data of the IAB (PASS-ADIAB). An overview of the PASS-ADIAB dataset can be found in the outline.

Dataset Descriptions, Questionnaires and Frequencies

A detailed descriptions for each wave are included in the respective FDZ Datenreports. Information on the survey design is available in the FDZ Methodenreports.





PASS, Wave 10

FDZ-Datenreport 07/2017 (de)
FDZ-Datenreport 07/2017 (en)

Fragebögen Welle 10
Questionnaires wave 10
FDZ-Methodenreport 09/2017  
PASS, Wave 9

FDZ-Datenreport 07/2016 (de)
FDZ-Datenreport 07/2016 (en)

Fragebögen Welle 9
Questionnaires wave 9
FDZ-Methodenreport 04/2016  
PASS, Wave 8

FDZ-Datenreport 06/2015 (de) 
FDZ-Datenreport 06/2015 (en)

Fragebögen Welle 8
Questionnaires wave 8
FDZ-Methodenreport 11/2015  
PASS, Wave 7

FDZ-Datenreport 02/2014 (de) 
FDZ-Datenreport 02/2014 (en)

Fragebögen Welle 7
Questionnaires wave 7
FDZ-Methodenreport 11/2014  
PASS, Wave 6

FDZ-Datenreport 06/2013 (de)
FDZ-Datenreport 06/2013 (en)

Fragebögen Welle 6
Questionnaires wave 6
FDZ-Methodenreport 10/2013  
PASS, Wave 5 FDZ-Datenreport 06/2012 (de)
FDZ-Datenreport 06/2012 (en)
Fragebögen Welle 5
Questionnaires wave 5
FDZ-Methodenreport 11/2012  
PASS, Wave 4 FDZ-Datenreport 08/2011 (de)
FDZ-Datenreport 08/2011 (en)
Fragebögen Welle 4
Questionnaires wave 4
FDZ-Methodenreport 08/2011  
PASS, Wave 3 FDZ-Datenreport 06/2010 (de)
FDZ Datenreport 06/2010 (en)
Fragebögen Welle 3
Questionnaires wave 3
FDZ-Methodenreport 10/2010  
PASS, Wave 2

FDZ-Datenreport 06/2009 (de)
FDZ Datenreport 06/2009 (en)

Fragebögen Welle 2
Questionnaires wave 2
FDZ-Methodenreport 08/2009  
PASS, Wave 1

FDZ-Datenreport 05/2008 (de)
FDZ Datenreport 05/2008 (en)

Fragebögen Welle 1
Questionnaires wave 1
FDZ-Methodenreport 07/2008  
PASS-ADIAB 7511 FDZ-Datenreport 03/2014 (de)     Auszählungen 7511 (de)
Frequencies 7511 (en)
PASS-ADIAB 7515 FDZ-Datenreport 06/2017 (de)     Auszählungen 7515 (de)
Frequencies 7515 (en)

Data Access

The PASS data are available via the following ways of access:

PASS survey data

PASS Campus Files

Test Data of the PASS-ADIAB

Usually test data are available in order to allow for the preparation of programs to facilitate remote data access as well as on-site use. But there are currently no test data available for PASS-ADIAB. We recommend users to apply for the scientific use file PASS in order to prepare the analysis of the survey data. Further information on requesting a SUF.

Furthermore we recommend users to make use of the test data for the Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (SIAB) in order to prepare the analysis of the administrative data. Although these data are based on a different sample, they contain the same variables. To the SIAB test data.

Other Working Tools 

Further working tools as a list of BHP variables, the standards for the citation of data and data documentation and papers on working with the FDZ data can be found here.

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Error Correction unemployment spells in PASS wave 10

At the plausibility check as part of the data processing in wave 10, there were errors in 63 unemployment spells (ALO spells) in wave 10 of the PASS Scientific-Use-Files. In the biographical information (bio_spells) falsely 51 ALO spells were not included and 12 ALO spells from previous waves were not updated. This error also affects the variables PET1000, alakt, alg1abez, PET0920, etakt and statakt in the personal dataset (PENDDDAT). Starting immediately, the Research Data Centre makes to users with a valid contract of wave 1-10 a corrected version available.