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Overview of Available Data

The Research Data Centre (FDZ) provides data on individuals, households and establishments, as well as data that comprise both establishment and personal information. The FDZ data originate from three different sources. From the notification process of the social security system and the internal procedures of the Federal Employment Agency process-generated data are obtained. Furthermore, the IAB acquires data by conducting own surveys.

The following scheme depicts the different data sources and how they enter our datasets.

The chart shows, how in a first step data for the BA and the IAB are generated from the different data sources (social security notification, process-generated data and surveys). Afterwards these data were processed to research data for the users of the FDZ.
Process Generated Data

Social security notifications are filed in the IAB and edited in the form of a history dataset known as the Employment History. The Establishment History Panel (BHP) is generated by aggregation of the Employment History to the establishment level.
The IAB also prepares the process-generated data stemming from the internal procedures of the Federal Employment Agency. These are linkable with the Employment History to form what is termed the Integrated Employment Biographies. The Integrated Employment Biographies are a central component of several FDZ datasets:


The FDZ currently offers following survey datasets. Generally these are obtained from surveys conducted by the IAB, but also partly in the context of third party funded FDZ projects:

Linked Data

By combining process-generated data with survey data, linked datasets are generated. Thus, establishment data, personal or household data from different sources are combined. Currently, the following liked datasets are available at the FDZ:

Data Archive

Following datasets are only available for replication studies and not for new projects:

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