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Linked-Employer-Employee-Data of the IAB (LIAB)

The Linked-Employer-Employee-Data of the IAB (LIAB) combine interviews from the IAB Establishment Panel with the related establishment and individual data generated in labour administration and social security data processing. The latter cover administrative establishment information from the Establishment History Panel (BHP) and the employment biographies of individuals employed by the interviewed establishments. The LIAB data allow for simultaneous analysis of the supply and demand side of the German labour market.

Information on the different versions of the LIAB data

There are two types of LIAB models:

  • LIAB cross-sectional model: Individual employment biographies depicted on the reference date 30 June are linked with the IAB Establishment Panel. This model includes observations of all individuals employed by an establishment surveyed in the IAB Establishment Panel in the respective year.
  • LIAB longitudinal model: This model includes comprehensive employment biographies of individuals of a subsample of establishments repeatedly interviewed in the IAB Establishment Panel. Therefore, employment biographies can still be tracked in the events of e. g. establishment changes or transitions into unemployment within this subgroup.

Dataset Descriptions and Frequencies


 FDZ Datenreport   

 Frequencies and Labels   

LIAB cross-sectional model 2
FDZ-Datenreport 5/2016  (de)
FDZ-Datenreport 5/2016  (en)
Auszählungen und Lables (de)
Frequencies and labels (en)
LIAB longitudinal model
FDZ-Datenreport 10/2016  (de)
FDZ-Datenreport 10/2016  (en)
Auszählungen und Lables (de)
Frequencies and labels (en)

An English outline can be found in Schmollers Jahrbuch.

Data Access

The Linked Employer-Employee Datasets are available via the following way of access:

Test Data

Test data help to prepare programs ahead of on-site and remote data access. They are freely accessible over the web and therefore have to be anonymised. They shall reflect the structure of the original data as close as possible to be useful for many kinds of different analyses. As there are no universally useful test data we suggest that you adjust the test data for your purposes, e.g. if Spanish employees are in the focus of your investigation, just recode enough nationalities to Spanish.


Test data for Stata:

Other Working Tools

  • The establishment part of the LIAB data is the IAB Establishment Panel - see "Working tools for the IAB Establishment Panel"
  • A recommendable Introduction is given by FDZ Methodenreport 01/2008: Das IAB-Betriebspanel – von der Stichprobe über die Erhebung bis zur Hochrechnung [The IAB Establishment Panel - Sample, Survey and Weighting]
    Here you will find a detailed description of  the IAB Establishment Panel including information on the establishment number and the linkage quality.

Further working tools as the overview on classifications of economic activities, a list of upper earnings limits and marginal part-time income thresholds, the standards for the citation of data and data documentation and papers on working with the FDZ data can be found here.

>> Further information on older versions of the LIAB datasets (Old versions are only available for replication studies and only in justified exceptional cases for new projects).