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Linked Employer-Employee Data from the IAB (LIAB)

The Linked Employer-Employee Data from the IAB (LIAB) allow for simultaneous analysis of the supply and demand sides of the German labour market. For this purpose, the IAB Establishment Panel data are matched with individual data from the IAB, thus providing a linked dataset which comprises data from a representative annual establishment survey as well as personal data generated in labour administration and social security data processing.

For the time being, two different models are available for the resulting LIAB data:

  • LIAB cross-sectional model: The cross-sectional LIAB model contains both information on individuals and data from the IAB Establishment Panel matched on a specific reference date (30th June).
  • LIAB longitudinal model: The data in the longitudinal LIAB model are not referenced to a specific date, but contains personal details related to a certain period of time. A special longitudinal model, the Mover-Model, focuses on movers between establishments.

Data access is possible via on-site use and afterwards via remote data access also.