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Linked Personnel Panel (LPP) and LPP survey data linked to administrative data of the IAB (LPP-ADIAB)

With the LPP, the IAB provides a novel data product for personnel economic research in Germany. The simultaneous observation of employer and employee perspective enables to analyze the relationship between HR management, individual job quality and firm performance. The following central questions can be answered on the basis of the data: Which HR management instruments are used by establishments? Are there differences in the heterogeneity of application, for instance with respect to establishment size classes or sectors? How do HR management strategies develop over time? Is there an impact of certain HR management strategies on firm performance? Is there an impact of certain HR management strategies on employees’ attitudes, satisfaction, health status, commitment etc.? The linkage of the surveys with the IAB Establishment Panel offers further analytic potential.

For detailed information on the IAB Establishment Panel please refer to the Establishment Panel web sites of the department 'Establishments and Employment' as well as to the related FDZ web site.

Information on the different versions of the LPP data

LPP data are available in two different Versions:

  • LPP survey data (LPP)
  • LPP survey data linked to administrative data of the IAB (LPP-ADIAB)

Dataset Descriptions, Questionnaires and Frequencies

All details on variables are included in the respective FDZ-Datenreports. Information on the survey design is available in the FDZ-Methodenreports. 






LPP, wave 1415

 FDZ Datenreport 06/2016 (de)
 FDZ Datenreport 06/2016 (en)

 Fragebögen 1415 (de)
 Questionnaires 1415 (en)

 Auszählungen 1415 (de)
 Frequencies 1415 (en)
 FDZ Methodenreport 02/2016 (de)
 FDZ Methodenreport 03/2016 (de)
 FDZ Methodenreport 05/2015 (en)
LPP, wave 1213  FDZ Datenreport 01/2015 (de)
 FDZ Datenreport 01/2015 (en)
 Fragebögen 1213 (de)
 Questionnaires 1213 (en)
 Auszählungen 1213 (de)
 Frequencies 1213 (en)
 FDZ Methodenreport 03/2015 (de)
 FDZ Methodenreport 02/2015 (de)
 FDZ Methodenreport 05/2015 (en)
LPP-ADIAB 7514  FDZ Datenreport 03/2017 (de)
 FDZ Datenreport 03/2017 (en)
   Auszählungen 7514 (de)
 Frequencies 7514 (en)

Data Access

LPP and LPP-ADIAB are available via the following way of access:

Test data

Test data help to prepare programs ahead of on-site and remote data access. The test data include all variables of the original data with the same variable name variable label and value label. It is possible to generate a panel over all waves with coherence of characteristics over time. They are freely accessible over the web and therefore have to be anonymised. That means: Test data are random and therefore not eligible for Analysis!

Other Working Tools

  • Measuring the Use of Human Resources Practices and Employee Attitudes: The Linked Personnel Panel
    The paper by Kampkötter et al. (2016) offers a summary of the data.
  • Generation of a Panel:
    We provide Stata programs to generate a Panel.
  • FDZ Methodenreport 1/2008: Das IAB-Betriebspanel – von der Stichprobe über die Erhebung bis zur Hochrechnung [The IAB Establishment Panel - Sample, Survey and Weighting]:
    The FDZ Methodenreport 1/2008 discusses methodological aspects of the IAB Establishment Panel. Primarily, it is meant to facilitate first-time analysis of the dataset. Also, the article may be used as a reference for methodological issues related to the IAB Establishment Panel. A brief description can be found in
    Schmollers Jahrbuch 2009.
  • English Labels:
    The LPP is available with English labels. Stata user can get access to the labels by using the command "label language en".

Further working tools as the standards for the citation of data and data documentation and papers on working with the FDZ data can be found here.