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External data

International Data Access Network (IDAN)

The FDZ of the BA at the IAB is taking part in the International Data Access Network (IDAN) project. The project is a collaboration between 6 RESEARCH DATA CENTRES from France, Germany, Netherlands and the UK to facilitate research use of controlled access data between these RDCs/countries.

The aim of the project is to enable researchers to work remotely on data provided by partner countries from within each Research Data Centre with all access points in the same physical place. For more information on the project’s progress and availability of access points and data please see the project website.

Available data access
  • Secure Access Data Center (CASD) – France (Information on CASD data)
    A data report, written in collaboration with the CASD, describes data sources that can be used for cross-country comparative research. In addition, two large administrative datasets, the German “Sample of Integrated Labor Market Biographies” (SIAB) and the French “Panel tous salariés” (All Employee Panel) are compared at the variable level. You an access the data report here.
  • Statistics Netherlands (CBS) – Netherlands (Information on CBS data)
  • UKDS SecureLab – United Kingdom (Information on UKDS SecureLab data)
Planned data access
  • Office for National Statistics (ONS) – United Kingdom
  • Secure Data Center at GESIS (Cologne/Mannheim) – Germany
Data access

The FDZ of the BA at the IAB provides the room and the technical infrastructure as part of the IDAN project. Data access is organised via the data providers.
To make an appointment for an on-site access at FDZ, please send us an email with your contract number:



Virtual seminar

  • Virtual seminar from 29th January 2020 „French and German Data at ICPSR: New Opportunities for Comparative Cross-Country Research“