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Data Access: Remote Data Access / JoSuA

Remote data access (i. e. remote data execution) means that researchers submit scripts (e. g. Stata do-files) to the FDZ and later access the approved results after verification of compliance with data protection legislation. Remote data access at the FDZ is conducted with the software JoSuA (Job Submission Application) developed by the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). Users are provided with individual accounts to the JoSuA web interface. Via this interface, they can upload their scripts and access the results. Artificial test data sets provided on the FDZ website can be used to develop the scripts.

How to Apply for the Data?

How to modify an existing project?

Data use for students

What to keep in mind when using the data?

Publishing the results


How to Apply for the Data?

Make an application

Please fill in the ‘request form remote data access’. After completing the form, please send your request as a Word document by e-mail to Please note that requests which are not submitted as Word documents will not be processed. An information sheet is available to help you fill in the request form. Note that a use agreement for on-site use already includes remote data execution. We offer the possibility to submit applications in German and English. Please note, the contract will be in the same language as the application. Therefore, please clarify if necessary with your institution whether it will sign an agreement in German/English before submitting your application.

Use Agreement

After the request has been approved, a use agreement is concluded between the researcher’s institution and the FDZ. This agreement entitles the researcher to analyse the required data via JoSuA.

As the legal requirement of written form applies to our agreements, they may only be signed with a handwritten or certified electronic signature. The certified electronic signature must have a trustworthy certificate (certified by a certification authority (CA)) which will be shown when clicking on it. A self-created certificate, a signature drawn with a computer mouse or inserted as an image file, as well as a scan of the signed agreement are not permitted for our agreements.

On the website of the German Federal Network Agency (only in German) you can find a list of providers of the certified electronic signature in Germany. A list of providers in the European Union (EU) can be found on the website of the EU Commission.

How to modify an existing project?

Amendments concerning the end date of the project, the required data products, or further staff members can be incorporated via a supplementary data use agreement:

Changes regarding the researchers’ institution or the contents of the project require a new data use request. Please indicate your project number. 

Data use for students

Students may also get access to our data via remote data processing for their theses or dissertations. In this case the faculty member supervising the student has to submit the request for data use.

What to Keep in Mind when Using the Data?

Please upload your scripts via the web application JoSuA: Your scripts must comply with our guidelines for remote data access and must have been tested in advance using the test data. Please use the Presentation/Publication mode only for results that are relevant for your presentation or publication. Otherwise use the Internal Use Mode.
Please also read the data protection manual.

Publishing the results

Researchers’ publications based on FDZ data must include a reference to the used datasets. Please submit one copy of every publication (including so-called ‘grey literature’ such as working papers or project reports) in digital or printed form to the FDZ. Confidentiality


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Remote Data Access via JoSuA Video-Tutorial


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