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JoSuA: Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ contains a list of known user problems with JoSuA. The list is updated on a regular basis. Please check if your question is included.

This compilation serves only as a supplement. Please consult first our guidelines for the use of remote data access and on-site use with JoSuA.

Job Submission

Do I need to worry if the message "failed" appears after the run?

No. The status "failed" can occur despite a successful run.

Is it possible to run several jobs in JoSuA at the same time?

Usually, please upload a new job in "Internal-Use" mode only after the previous job has run through.

Can data sets be stored and accessed by subsequent JoSuA jobs?

In JoSuA you can access all data sets stored in your orig or data folders. You can therefore access data sets that you created in earlier Stata runs or during on-site use and that were saved in the data folder of your project share.

What can I do if I encounter problems when generating graphics ("graph combine" does not work properly or a png image has no content)?

If this problem did not exist in the guest stay or when testing, it is due to a bug in Stata 17. Until the bug is fixed, we recommend in such cases to switch to Stata 14, i.e. select "Stata 14" as "package" when submitting the job.

How to stop a job

Your jobs are listed in the „Home” module. On the right side of the corresponding job there is a multifunction button with three dots on top of each other, which opens the context menu of the job. In this context menu, there is again a multifunction button with three dots arranged on top of each other in the upper right corner. The „Stop Job” function is hidden behind this button. Click this button, confirm the safety note, and the job is stopped.

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Upload of Files

What does "Transfers" mean?

"Transfers" is used to transfer scripts before or after on-site use. It is accessible under the main menu item "Transfers" or via Projects -> View -> TRANSFERS -> +. JoSuA. It only accepts uploading or drag & drop of single files; however, it is possible to upload multiple files in one archive file (.zip, .7z). The scripts are available for download after a privacy check. (In order for an archive file to be released, all the files it contains must be safe from a data protection point of view).

What does "Resources" mean?

"Resources" is used to transmit and store additional command libraries, e.g. Stata-Ado packages. The function is accessible via Projects -> View -> RESOURCES -> +. It is only possible to upload single files. These are permanently available in the project for the use within JoSuA, after the data protection check.
This function may only be used for command libraries that are not available elsewhere in the FDZ guest network, e.g. in the repository of Stata-Ado packages (see question "How do I upload Ado files?").
To make ado packages uploaded via RESOURCES available for guest stays as well, they have to be downloaded once during the guest stay and stored in the prog-directory.

How do I upload Ado files?

Ado packages must be installed from the repository using "fdzinstall package name", e. g., "fdzinstall gtools". Except: They are not available there (in the required version). In this case you can use "Resources".

Files cannot be uploaded

Under "Transfers" and "RESOURCES" files can only be uploaded individually (unlike to "Submission"). When transferring scripts before ⁄ after an on-site use ("Transfers"), however, you can pack the individual files beforehand (.zip, .7z).

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Stata exits with an error

Error indication in the log-file "File not found"

This error indication occurs when the data path is not specified with the intended globals $prog, $data, $orig oder $log. Please use the above-mentioned globals at every path specification because otherwise JoSuA cannot find the data files.
Please be adviced not to use umlauts or special characters in file names.

Log-file master.log ⁄ Error message "log-file already open"

JoSuA automatically creates a log file called master.log. Please don’t create another master.log in your program. Use the command "cap log close" to close the present log file and subsequently open a new log file. For naming conventions please see the guidelines for remote data access.

Error message "File not ok (suspicious mismatch between file suffix and actual file type)"

This error message appears when opening a log-file in Stata’s smcl format. Please create text-only log files. Use the commands "log using "$log\logfile.log", replace" or "log using "$log\logfile", text replace".

Job keeps on restarting

This error appears when a log-file is more than 2 MB of size. Please have the FDZ staff stop your current job and please reduce the amount of output created in future job submission.

Error message "Error!"

The error appears when the combined size of generated output files exceeds 8 MB. Please modify your programs and make sure that less output is generated.

Error message "Data can not be saved"

Your user directory is limited to the size of 30 GB. The error occurs if your directory exceeds this size. You can edit your data directory with the following commands:
Create file list: dir $data/
Delete data: capture erase "$data/xy.dta"

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Provision of aggregated data files

Is it possible to upload aggregated data files in JoSuA?

No, an upload of aggregated data with JoSuA is not intended. Please upload only do- or ado-files in JoSuA. Please send your aggregated data files via mail to the fdz mail address. You have to provide a description of the variables and data sources as described in the FDZ guidelines for remote data processing.

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Current limits for job Submission

  • Internal Use Mode: 3 jobs per day / project
  • Presentation / Publication Mode: 8 jobs per month / project


Remote Data Access via JoSuA Video-Tutorial