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Data Access: Background Information

The Research Data Centre (FDZ) offers individual-level and establishment data that are subject to data protection legislation. The legal basis for data access is mainly Section 67 of the German Social Code Book X.  For this reason, only employees of scientific research institutions may gain access to these data under certain conditions and under special data protection conditions.

Because of the anonymization measures taken and/or the use of data within the isolated computing environment of the FDZ, these data can be classified as anonymised and thus made available in accordance with Section 282 (7) SGB III. In order to gain access to this data, the following requirements must be met:

  • The data may solely be analysed within the scope of temporary research projects in the field of labour market research. 
  • The data may only be used for independent scientific research. 
  • The research objectives cannot be achieved other than by analysing these datasets. 
  • Data confidentiality has to be ensured by organisational and technical measures if data are transmitted. 
  • The data may solely be used by the persons named in the use agreement for the specific research project. Merging with other datasets and every attempt to de-anonymise the data are prohibited. 
  • Persons who have access to the data must be either public officers or persons who are especially obligated to government services or must have been informed in accordance with Section 78 SGB X and obliged accordingly.

In compliance with the legal regulations the FDZ offers three ways of data access for researchers which differ with regard to the degree of anonymization of the data provided and the modalities of data use.

  • On-site use
  • Remote Data Access
  • Transfer of Scientific Use Files

All three ways of data access can be granted for non-commercial research purposes only. Applications for data access are considered in order of receipt and are processed without regard to the person requesting.

German Social Code Book (SGB).


FDZ staff members are obligated to restrict their knowledge of visitors' research issues and methods to the provision of advisory services, improvement of FDZ services and compliance with data protection regulations. Other members of IAB and BA staff are not granted access to information on guest researchers' activities. This regulation does not affect, however, cooperation projects between guest researchers and IAB or FDZ researchers.