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IAB Establishment Panel (IAB BP) – Version 9318 v1

DOI: 10.5164/


The IAB Establishment Panel is an annual representative survey on various topics such as the determinants of labour demand. It has been conducted by the IAB since 1993 in West Germany and since 1996 in East Germany, too. The IAB Establishment Panel is the central basis for the analysis of labour demand in Germany. For details please refer to the outline of the IAB Establishment Panel.

Detailed information on the contents of the IAB Establishment Panel is given by the department 'Establishments and Employment' on the Establishment Panel web sites (only in German).

The IAB Establishment Panel is also available linked with individual administrative data  as Linked Employer/Employee Data (LIAB).

Dataset Description and List of Variables

The dataset description includes questionnaires and frequency tables.


The list of variables includes a synopsis of all panel variables and variables that are only included in one wave. The codebooks are ceased now. You will find them as FDZ Datenreport for the waves 1993-2005.

Data Access

The IAB Establishment Panel is available via the following ways of access:

Test data

Test data of the IAB Establishment Panel are intended to enable you to write and test evaluation programs. The test data are generated by means of sampling and disassociation of the original data. They are not eligible for analysis.

The test data include all variables of the original data with the same variable name, variable label and value label. Variables which are particulary sensitive in compliance with the current data protection legislation are included in the test data, but only by request in the original data. It is possible to generate a panel over all waves with coherence of characteristics over time.

Other working tools

  • We provide establishment fixed effects (AKM effects) for this data set. To access the effects in an existing project please write an email to You find further Information here.
  • FDZ Methodenreport 1/2008: Das IAB-Betriebspanel – von der Stichprobe über die Erhebung bis zur Hochrechnung [The IAB Establishment Panel - Sample, Survey and Weighting]:
    The FDZ Methodenreport 1/2008 discusses methodological aspects of the IAB Establishment Panel. Primarily, it is meant to facilitate first-time analysis of the dataset. Also, the article may be used as a reference for methodological issues related to the  IAB Establishment Panel.
    A brief description ca be found in Schmollers Jahrbuch 2009.
  • The IAB Establishment Panel - methodological essentials and data quality:
    Ellguth et al. (2013) provide information about methodological issues of sample design and data sampling as well as changes that have taken place in recent years.
  • Comparing survey data with an official administrative population: Assessing sample-selectivity in the IAB Establishment Panel
    Bossler et al. (2017) analyze the selectivity of the IAB Establishment Panel compared with the administrative population of all establishments in Germany.
  • FDZ Methodenreport 02/2018: Providing a consistent measure of further training for the IAB Establishment Panel
    This FDZ-Methodenreport provides an easy and effective tool to infer the number of trained workers from the number of trainings by building on an approach by Düll and Bellmann (1998).
  • English Labels:
    The IAB Establishment Panel is available with English lables. Stata user can get access to the labels by using the command 'label language en'
  • Generation of a panel dataset:
    The FDZ offers a Stata do-file for combining all waves from 1993 up to the most recent wave to form a panel data set. The underlying procedure is described in FDZ Methodenreport 12/2017. Please cite the Methodenreport when working with the do-file.
  • Additional variables from the Establishment-History-Panel (BHP):
    Selected establishment characteristics from the Establishment History Panel (BHP) as well as BHP extension files can be merged to the IAB Establishment Panel after conformation of the request form. The variables of the BHP are listed in the document list of BHP variables. Information on the merging can be found here.

    Remarks on consistent industry classification:
    Please note, the stratification matrix in the IAB establishment panel varies over time. Each change marks the start of a new longitudinal period. Longitudinal results that are based on more than one period might not be representative.

    The consistent industry classification is based on Müller (2017).
  • Exemplary syntax for Stata:
    Data editing and calculation features that can be carried out with the IAB Establishment Panel are demonstrated in a couple of example programs in Stata which may be copied directly from this PDF. The document contains both the actual programs and detailed comments on the analyses conducted.
  • Notes on variables:
    Agreed average working time (variable z64, wave 2018): In the case of the variable on agreed average working time (z64), a significant increase in the proportion of missing values from approx. 4.7% to 8.3% can be observed in 2018. This increase is due to an error in data processing in the CAWI sample (web-based interview).
    Trust-based working time agreements (variable n26b, wave 2006)
    Working time accounts (Variables: 2009 (question 30), 2010 (question 73), 2011 (question 61), 2012 (question 56), 2013 (question 80), 2014 (question 51), 2015 (question 51), 2016 (question 67))
    Existence of opening clauses in industry-wide collective wage agreements in waves 2005 (question 55), 2007 (question 84) and 2011 (question 55)
    Recruitment of staff for qualified and menial jobs (variable u36, u38, wave 2013)

Further working tools as the overview on classifications of economic activities, a list of BHP variables and papers on working with the FDZ data can be found here.


Researchers working with the IAB BP 9318 are obligated to acknowledge the data base and its documentation within their publications, including the DOI, by using the following reference:


This study uses the IAB Establishment Panel, Waves 1993-2018. Data access was provided via on-site use at the Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and/or remote data execution. DOI: 10.5164/

Data documentation:
  • Fischer, Gabriele; Janik, Florian; Müller, Dana; Schmucker, Alexandra (2009): The IAB Establishment Panel – things users should know. In: Schmollers Jahrbuch. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften, Jg. 129, H. 1, S. 133-148.
  • Ellguth, Peter; Kohaut, Susanne; Möller, Iris (2014): The IAB Establishment Panel - methodological essentials and data quality. In: Journal for Labour Market Research, Vol. 47, No. 1-2, S. 27-41.

According to the FDZ Data Usage Agreement, any type of publication resulting from work with FDZ data must be reported to the FDZ by e-mail to at the latest one month after publication. The notification must include an electronic version of the printed version or, after publication, a reprint or a copy of the publication free of charge.

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