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2013 European Establishment Statistics Workshop


09-11 September 2013


The Conference will be held in Congress Centre of Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency), Regensburger Strasse 104, Nuremberg, Germany.

Directions to the Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit.


The Conference is organized in cooperation of FDZ and ENBES. 


EESW13 is an ideal opportunity for official statistics methodologists, academic researchers and practitioners from the business sphere to exchange and learn about best methodological practice for all stages of the statistical production process. Potential subjects are sample design, data collection, editing and imputation, the use of administrative data, estimation, modelling, etc. Statistical methodology is the key resource for producing high quality statistics, especially in times of budgetary pressure.

Additional information

      Call for Papers

The deadline for the submission of abstracts has been extended to Friday 5 April 2013;
the scientific committee will proceed according to schedule announcing its decision on 1 May 2013

       Hotel information


Papers Session 1

       Intergrated Business Statistic Program

       Modernisation and Quality of Business Statistics: The NSI perspective

       Renewing the Eustat Tourism Survey: new collection methods and design for more detailed estimates

     Using a map of short term statistics in the process of organizing Business Surveys

Papers Session 2

       Some aspects of using calibration in polish surveys

       Predictive Mean Matching using a factor model, an application to the (Budiness) Multipurpose Survey

       Small-area estimation in Eustat: ICT survey in Enterprises of the Basque Country

      Coherent small area estimates for skewed business data

Papers Session 3

      Reproducible Data Processing, Aggregation, Reporting and Storing of Business Tendency Survey Data in an Open Source Framework

       Modular Structure and Integration issues in the Memobust project

       Event driven processing

       Weighting and estimation methods: description in the Memobust handbook

Papers Session 4

       Construction of Full Time Equivalents for the register based Swiss Structural Business Statistics

       Integrating administrative and survey data in the new Italian system for SBS: quality issues

       The integration of survey and administrative data

       Determinants of Consent in the German SOEP Establishment Survey 2012

Papers Session 5

       Increasing relevance of Official Business Statistics using proven Business Approaches

       Measuring and Understanding Response Quality in the Structural Business Survey Questionnaires

       The use of Behavior Coding to Analyze Data Quality in the SOEP Establishment Survey 2012

       Discussion on the presented papers

Papers Session 6

       Communication with businesses and response burden

       Statistics as a motivational feedback in business surveys

       Business Microdata Dissemination at Istat

       Comparison of European news releases on businesses

Papers Session 7

       Missing data treatment in administrative fiscal sources in the French structural business statistics production system

       Automatic data editing functions for establishment surveys

       The Italian new survey on Enterprises Final Consumption of Energy Products (COEN) – 2011: an innovative editing procedure

       Data Processing and Validation