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The following includes details required by German law on the provider of this website as well as important legal terms regarding FDZ's online platform at The German text is legally binding.

Please note our statements on liability and copyright (Urheberrecht) as well as data privacy and security.


For all legal purposes, the publisher of this Internet site is the
Forschungsdatenzentrum der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) im Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB)
Research Data Centre of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)
Regensburger Str. 100
90478 Nürnberg

Telefon: +49 911 / 179-1752
Fax: +49 911/179-1728


Director: Professor Bernd Fitzenberger
Deputy Director: Dr Ulrich Walwei

Editorial staff

Disclaimer and copyright

Legal notice

The FDZ checks and updates the information on its Internet pages at regular intervals. It assumes no liability or guarantee for the up-to-dateness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

The same applies to the Internet pages of third parties that are referred to on the FDZ Internet pages through hyperlinks. The FDZ does not accept any responsibility for the content of Internet pages of third parties that can be reached via a hyperlink and its following pages (following links).

The FDZ distances itself expressly from all illegal content on linked external Internet pages. The FDZ has no influence whatsoever on either the current or future design or the content of the linked external pages. It therefore distances itself expressly from all content of all linked external pages that have been modified after the link on FDZ website was installed.

Copyright and trademarks

FDZ strives to observe the copyright of all graphic elements and texts used in all its publications, to use graphic elements and texts it has produced itself, or to use graphic elements and texts that do not require a licence. All trademarks and brand names mentioned on the Internet pages, including those possibly copyrighted by third parties, are unconditionally subject to the provisions of the applicable law on the protection of names, symbols or identification and the rights of ownership of the respective registered holder. The simple mention of a trademark is not to be construed as meaning that it is not protected by the rights of ownership of third parties. The copyright of published objects that the publisher himself has produced remains with, and only with, the publisher of the pages. Reproduction or use of such graphic elements or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express consent of the publisher.

Legal validity

The information on liability and copyright is to be regarded as part of the Internet pages that refer to this page. In as far as parts or individual wording of this text do not, do no longer or do not completely correspond to the valid legal situation, the remaining parts of the document nevertheless remain unaffected in their content and validity.

Information on data privacy

In processing your personal data, the protection of your private sphere is very important to us. We process personal data that has been collected during a visit to our website in accordance with legal regulations. Our web pages may contain links to the web pages of other providers which this data privacy declaration does not apply to.

When you visit this Internet site, our web server records the name of your Internet Service Provider, the website from which you visited us, the web pages that you visit at our site, as well as the date and duration of your visit. We use cookies to optimize the way in which Internet pages are presented. Over and above this, personal data will only be recorded when you yourself supply them, for example, when you register for an event or order publications. Your data will only be used in order to serve you actively and individually as a customer. No other kind of data transfer takes place. After fulfilment of contract, we also only retain your data for future contracts and for purposes of individual marketing. 

Should you be no longer agree to the fact that we are in possession of your personal data, you may inform us of this at any time; we will then delete your data.


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