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BA Employment Panel (BAP)

The BA Employment Panel is generated from the quarterly employment statistics of the Federal Employment Agency since 1998. The employment statistics cover all employees in Germany who are subject to social security; from this sampling frame  2% quarterly samples are drawn[, the reference date being the last day of each quarter].

Apart from information on employees liable to social security, the BA Employment Panel has details on unemployment and participation in measures of active labour market policy. Additionally, marginal part-time employment has been included since 1999. Finally, the data contain a few characteristics on establishments.

The BA Employment Panel is available as a scientific use file and in a ‘weakly anonymous’ version. For details please refer to the outline of the BA Employment Panel.

Dataset Descriptions

All details on variables included in the scientific use file and the weakly anonymous version as well as frequency tables are included in the FDZ Datenreports:

Outlines on the modalities of data acquisition, contents and anonymization procedures of the former version of the BA Employment Panel 1998-2002 are available under:

 Data Access

All versions of the BA Employment Panel are only available for replication studies and not for new projects.

If you want to use data from the FDZ Data Archive we ask you to contact us directly (

Test Data

Test data in Stata are available for all waves in order to allow for the preparation of programs to facilitate remote data access as well as on-site use:


Particularities associated with the use of test data are described in the respective working tool (31 KB).

Other Working Tools

  • Example programs:
    Example programs are used to demonstrate how data are processed and calculations are done with the help of the BA Employment Panel. These programs have been developed for Stata. Each ZIP archive, which can be downloaded below, contains an additional PDF document with explanations and comments.
    Sample (64 KB) (only in German)