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High-frequency Online Personal Panel (IAB-HOPP)


The High-frequency Online Personal Panel (IAB-HOPP) was generated within the study "Life and Work Situations in Times of Corona". The aim of the study is to evaluate changes in social and working life in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, individuals were initially surveyed online on a monthly and later on a bimonthly basis or at longer intervals. The gross sample was drawn from the Integrated Employment Biographies and includes individuals who were employed, unemployed, or registered as jobseekers in 2018 and had reached the age of 18. In addition to a fixed set of characteristics across all survey waves, various key topics were integrated into the individual survey waves. Meanwhile, the study comprises eight survey waves for the period from May 2020 to June 2021. With the IAB-HOPP data, central research questions can be investigated, e.g. on the development of employment relationships, social and financial security, working hours, home office and childcare.

Data Versions

Data Version

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Availability (yyyy-mm-dd)

IAB-HOPP wave 01-08 v1 (current)

10.5164/ 2022-05-31
IAB-HOPP-ADIAB 7519 v1 (current) 10.5164/ 2021-11-23
IAB-HOPP wave 01-07 v2 10.5164/ 2021-10-14