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High-frequency Online Personal Panel (IAB-HOPP)


The high-frequency online panel (IAB-HOPP) is also known as the "Life and Work Situations in Times of Corona" study and surveyed individuals from May 2020 to March 2021. Overall, seven waves were conducted. The data will help researchers to evaluate changes in peoples’ life during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provide long-term research opportunities on labour market consequences of the crisis. Example aspects include employment trends, short-time work, social and financial security, working hours, home office, and child care.

Data Versions

Data Version

DOI (Link to Description of Data Version)

Availability (yyyy-mm-dd)

IAB-HOPP wave 01-07 v1

10.5164/ 2021-06-30

IAB-HOPP wave 01-07 v2 (current)

10.5164/ 2021-10-14