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IAB Employment Samples: Outline of the Basic File 1975 - 1995

Content characteristics

Methodological characteristics

Data access

The detailed dataset description is available under "working tools".

Content characteristics 

Categories Descriptions

Socio-demographic characteristics:
Individual ID, gender, year of birth, marital status, number of children, nationality, school education and professional qualifications
Employment-related characteristics:
Information on employment:
Including start and end date of employment, gross earnings subject to social security, profession (3-digit code; often less precise), occupational status (including full or part-time employment), reason for employment notification (e.g. end of or break in employment)
Information on establishment:
Establishment number, industry (2-digit code; often less precise), establishment size, proportion of employees without vocational education/ with vocational education/ with higher or university education, first and last year of existence of the establishment in the IAB establishment file, establishment location (West/ East Germany),
Benefit-related characteristics:
Start and end date of benefit receipt period, type of benefit (unemployment benefit, unemployment assistance or maintenance allowance), reason for termination of benefit payments

Data unit Employees covered by social security, benefit recipients
Number of cases 559,540 individuals
Period covered West: 01/01/1975 – 31/12/1995
East: 01/01/1992 – 31/12/1995
Time reference employment biographies on on a day-to-day basis
Regional structure Place of work: West/ East Germany

Methodological characteristics 

Categories Descriptions
Method of data collection 1 % random sample taken from the Employment History of the IAB, straified according to Germans and non-Germans and East and West Germany
Institutions involved Social security agencies, Federal Employment Agency
Frequency of data collection Permanent
File format and size ASCII files (659 MB)
File architecture

IABS7595.DAT (data file 1 with emphasis on individuals)
BNUM7595.DAT (data file 2 with emphasis on establishments)
IABS7595.VAR (variable description file for the 'TDA' statistics program

Data access 

Categories Descriptions
Data access Scientific use file
Degree of anonymisation factually anonymous
Sensitive variables None

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