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Integrated Employment Biographies Sample (IEBS)

The IEB Samples (IEBS) contain observations of unemployment benefits, job search, and participation in active labour market programmes on a daily basis. The IEBS combines records of four sources of data of the Federal Employment Agency (BA):

  • The IAB employment history (BeH),
  • The IAB benefit recipient history (LeH),
  • The participants-in-measures data (MTG)
  • Data on job search originating from the applicants pool database (BewA).

Data on employment and benefit recipient histories are also included in the IAB Employment Samples (IABS). The IEBS differs from the IABS, however, in the time span covered and the degree to which data are edited. While data in the IABS have undergone comprehensive editing processes, IEBS data are edited in clearly defined cases only.

Thanks to its participants-in-measures and job-search observations, the IEBS contains more information on employment histories and allows for analyses of active labour policy measures. Furthermore, the IEBS provides more information on the qualifications status compared to the IABS. This allows a deeper analysis of the correlation between employment histories and a individual’s qualification.

Dataset Descriptions

A detailed description of the weakly anonymous version is available in

A detailed description of the scientific use file is available in

A brief description can be found in Schmollers Jahrbuch 2007.

Data Access

All versions of the Integrated Employment Biographies Sample are only available for replication studies and not for new projects.

If you want to use data from the FDZ Data Archive we ask you to contact us directly (

Test Data

We recommend you prepare programs in advance of your research visit using our test data. Further details on test data can be found under working tools (only in German).


Test data are available for Stata.

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New data set is now available:

The Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (Stichprobe der Integrierten Arbeitsmarktbiografien - SIAB) replaces the IAB Employment Sample (IABS) and the Integrated Employment Biographies Sample (IEBS). The SIAB combines the advantages of the IABS – a long observation period– with the advantages of the IEBS in terms of complete employment biographies.
Further information on SIAB