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Survey data from the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) linked to administrative data of the IAB (NEPS-ADIAB)


The data products developed as part of the "NEPS-ADIAB" project, previously NEPS-SC1-ADIAB, NEPS-SC4-ADIAB, NEPS-SC5-ADIAB and NEPS-SC6-ADIAB, are provided cooperatively by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nuremberg, and the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi), Bamberg. The NEPS-ADIAB data products consist of the survey and test data of the corresponding Starting Cohort of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) and the administrative data of the IAB. So far the Starting Cohort 1 "Education From the Very Beginning", the Starting Cohort 4 "School and Vocational Training: Educational Pathways of Students in Grade 9 and Higher", the Starting Cohort 5 “From Higher Education to the Labor Market” and the adult Starting Cohort 6 "Adult Education and Lifelong Learning" are linked to the IAB data. In general, NEPS aims to study educational trajectories in different contexts as well as the development of competencies over the individual life course. For this, data are collected on competence development, educational processes and educational decisions as well as on educational returns. In addition, NEPS asks a broad range of questions, especially on numerous biographical and socio-demographic characteristics.

The NEPS-ADIAB products can be used to investigate research questions that, for instance, require highly accurate income data over the life course. Furthermore, the enrichment of NEPS data results in an extension of the observation period as the administrative data of the IAB date back to 1975.

Further information on NEPS-ADIAB and its research potential is provided in the following Data Brief:

Data Versions


Data Version

DOI (Link to Description of Data Version)

Availability (yyyy-mm-dd)

NEPS-SC4-ADIAB 7520 v1 (current)

10.5164/ 2022-03-11
NEPS-SC6-ADIAB 7520 v1 (current) 10.5164/ 2022-03-11
NEPS-SC5-ADIAB 7520 v1 (current) 10.5164/ 2021-11-09
NEPS-SC1-ADIAB 7520 v1 (current) 10.5164/ 2021-08-27

NEPS-SC6-ADIAB 7518 v1

10.5164/ 2020-04-23

NEPS-SC4-ADIAB 7517 v1

10.5164/ 2019-11-20
NEPS-SC5-ADIAB 7518 v1
10.5164/ 2020-09-25
NEPS-SC1-ADIAB 7518 v1
10.5164/ 2020-07-30

NEPS-SC6-ADIAB 7515 v1

10.5164/ 2018-04-06