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Panel Study Labour Market and Social Security (PASS) – Version 0619 v2

DOI: 10.5164/


The Panel Labour Market and Social Security (PASS) is a central dataset for research on the labour market, poverty and means-tested income support in Germany (German Social Code Book II). Established by the IAB in 2007, annual surveys are conducted in households in receipt of Unemployment Benefit II and households registered as residents of Germany. Initially, a personal interview is carried out with the heads of all selected households. Subsequently, all members of the household aged 15 or over are interviewed.

The Panel Study Labour Market and Social Security allows to analyse the dynamic of the receipt of Unemployment Benefit II as well as the effects of receipt of social benefits on the economic and social situation of the affected households and individuals. Furthermore, PASS also offers information beyond its central issues of employment and unemployment, comprising a variety of socio-demographic characteristics and subjective indicators such as contentment, fears and problems or employment orientation.

Dataset Descriptions, Questionnaires and Frequencies

A detailed descriptions for each wave are included in the respective FDZ Datenreports. Information on the survey design is available in the FDZ Methodenreports.


Data access

The Panel Study Labour Market and Social Security version 0619 v2 is only available for replication studies via the following way of access:

  • Scientific Use File (SUF)

Please contact the FDZ by e-mail if required:

Other working tools  

Further working tools as a list of BHP variables and papers on working with the FDZ data can be found here.


Researchers working with the PASS 0619 are obligated to acknowledge the data base and its documentation within their publications, including the DOI, by using the following reference:


Sebastian Bähr, Jonas Beste, Mustafa Coban, Sandra Dummert, Martin Friedrich, Corinna Frodermann, Stefanie Gundert, Bettina Müller, Stefan Schwarz, Nils Teichler, Mark Trappmann, Stefanie Unger, Claudia Wenzig, Marco Berg, Ralph Cramer, Christian Dickmann, Reiner Gilberg, Birgit Jesske, Martin Kleudgen (2021): "Panel Study Labour Market and Social Security (PASS) – Version 0619 v2". Research Data Centre of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). DOI: 10.5164/
Data access was provided via a Scientific Use File supplied by the Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB).

Data documentation:

Marco Berg et al. (2020): Codebuch und Dokumentation des Panel 'Arbeitsmarkt und soziale Sicherung' (PASS) – Datenreport Welle 13. FDZ-Datenreport, 12/2020 (de), Nürnberg. DOI: 10.5164/

According to the FDZ Data Usage Agreement, any type of publication resulting from work with FDZ data must be reported to the FDZ by e-mail to at the latest one month after publication. The notification must include an electronic version of the printed version or, after publication, a reprint or a copy of the publication free of charge.

Data Versions

>> Further information on other versions of the BHP dataset.



Corrected version of PASS available

Quality control for the panel "Labour Market and Social Security" (PASS) has confirmed suspicions that two interviewers deviated considerably from the standardised interview procedure. After extensive reviews, we have decided to remove all interviews of these two interviewers from wave 13. In addition, all interviews in waves 7-12 conducted by the interviewers in question were also removed retroactively to ensure data quality. In wave 13, 152 personal and 91 household interviews are affected by these deletions. Including previous waves, a total of 390 household interviews (from 157 households) and 640 person interviews (from 263 persons) were deleted.

Starting immediately, the Research Data Centre provides a corrected version (v3) for all users with a valid contract of wave 1-13 via the data exchange server. 

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