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S-MGA - The Study on Mental Health at Work

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The Study on Mental Health at Work (German: Studie Mentale Gesundheit bei der Arbeit - S-MGA) is a nationwide representative study of employees subject to social security contributions which focuses on the relationship between working conditions, mental health and functioning. The study was initiated by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Medicine (FIOSH) and conducted in cooperation with the Institute for Employment research (IAB) and infas-institute for Applied Social Sciences.

The sampling frame covers all employees from the birth cohorts 1951 to 1980 subject to social security contributions on the reference date of 31 December 2010. A cluster sample was drawn within a two-stage sampling procedure with a stratified selection of regions at the first level followed by a random sample of participants within regions. In total, N=4511 participants were assessed face-to-face in a computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) and with standardized questionnaires.


The survey addresses working- and employment conditions, positive and negative indicators of mental health, work ability and functioning. This is supplemented by information about socio-economic status, household context and personal factors.

Dataset Descriptions and Frequencies


 FDZ Datenreport   

 Frequencies and Labels   

S-MGA SUF, wave 1  FDZ-Datenreport 5/2017 (de)  Fallzahlen und Labels (de)
 Frequencies and labels (en)

An overview of the survey can be found in Schröder, H., Schiel, S., Schulz, S., & Kleudgen, M. (2015). Mentale Gesundheit bei der Arbeit (S-MGA) : Methodenbericht zur Repräsentativerhebung an Erwerbstätigen in Deutschland (2., überarb. Aufl. ed.). Dortmund [u.a]: BAuA.

Please find a short description of the dataset in English in the outline as the data and method reports are available in German language only.

Data Access

‘The Study on Mental Health at Work' (S-MGA) is available via the following ways of access:

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Rose, Uwe; Schiel, Stefan; Schröder, Helmut; Kleudgen, Martin; Tophoven, Silke; Rauch, Angela; Freude, Gabriele; Müller, Grit (2017): The study of mental health at work * design and sampling. In: Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, online first, 11 S.

Further working tools as the standards for the citation of data and data documentation and papers on working with the FDZ data can be found here.