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Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (SIAB)

The Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (SIAB) is a 2 percent random sample drawn from the Integrated Employment Biographies (IEB) of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). The IEB make it possible to track the employment status of a person exact to the day. The IEB consist of all individuals in Germany, which are characterized by at least one of the following employment status: employment subject to social security (in the data since 1975), marginal part-time employment (in the data since 1999), benefit receipt according to the German Social Code III or II (SGB III since 1975, SGB II since 2005), officially registered as job-seeking at the German Federal Employment Agency or (planned) participation in programs of active labour market policies (in the data since 2000). These data, which come from different sources, are merged in the IEB.

Data Versions

SIAB data are available in three different Versions:

  • weakly anonymous Version the Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (SIAB)
  • factually anonymous version  the Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (SIAB Regional File)
  • SIAB Campus File (SIAB-CF)

The substantial difference between the weakly  and the factually anonymous versions of the SIAB is that some information in the scientific use file had to be removed to achieve a higher degree of (factual) anonymization, i.e. some variables are left out and other variables (e.g. regions, occupations, industry codes) are less detailed.

The weakly anonymous data set may only be used during research visits (included remote data access). The factually anonymous data set can be downloaded by the applying institutions as a Scientific Use File (SUF).

Data Version      

DOI (Link to Description of Data Version)  

Availability (yyyy-mm-dd) 

weakly anonymous version
SIAB 7517 (current)


factually anonymous Version
SIAB Regional File 7517 (current)
10.5164/ 2019-09-04
SIAB-CF (current)   2013-08-21

>> Further information on older versions of the SIAB datasets (Old versions are only available for replication studies and only in justified exceptional cases for new Projects).