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lidA – leben in der Arbeit

Data Source:

The study “lidA – leben in der Arbeit. German cohort study on work, age and health” was a two wave panel study funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and examines the relationship between work, health and work participation among aging employees from an interdisciplinary perspective. The lidA study was carried out by an interdisciplinary consortium consisting the Institute for Safety Technology at Bergische University Wuppertal, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), the Institute of Social Medicine and Health Economics at Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, the Institute of the History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine at Ulm University, infas Institute for Applied Social Sciences and the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) as an associated partner.
A representative sample of male and female employees belonging to the birth cohorts of 1959 and 1965 was obtained from register data of the Federal Employment Agency.  A two-stage random sample was drawn in the selected cohorts on the reference date for sampling, 31 December 2009. It was possible to conduct 6,585 personal interviews (CAPI) in wave 1 (2011) and 4,244 personal interviews in the second wave (2014).
The data contains information about work and current employment relationship, workload, subjective health indicators, socio-economic status, household context and allows longitudinal analysis.

Dataset descriptions, Frequencies and Correspondence list

 FDZ Datenreport


 Correspondence list

 FDZ-Datenreport 01/2016 (de)
 FDZ-Datenreport 01/2016 (en)
 Auszählungen (de)
 Frequencies (en)
 Korrespondenzliste (de)
 correspondence list (en)

Data Access 

The lidA Survey Data are only available for replication studies via the following ways of access:

  • Scientific Use Files (SUF)

If you want to use this dataset we ask you to contact us directly (

Other Working Tools

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  • Schröder, Helmut; Kersting, Anne; Gilberg, Reiner; Steinwede, Jacob (2013): Methodenbericht zur Haupterhebung lidA - leben in der Arbeit. (FDZ-Methodenreport, 01/2013 (de)), Nürnberg, 48 S.

  • Steinwede, Jacob; Kleudgen, Martin; Häring, Amando; Schröder, Helmut (2015): Methodenbericht zur Haupterhebung lidA - leben in der Arbeit, 2. Welle. (FDZ-Methodenreport, 07/2015 (de)), Nürnberg, 36 S.

Further working tools as the standards for the citation of data and data documentation and papers on working with the FDZ data can be found here.