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FDZ Literature Database

The IAB literature database contains publications dealing with the FDZ data. With the 'InfoPool', a content-related literature search tool which the FDZ currently offers in German, searches for specific datasets or topics in the available literature may be conducted.

  • Link to the FDZ literature database (on the page click on "Weitere Informationsagebote" and then on "FDZ-Literatur / FDZ Literature").

Publishers' Notifications

The FDZ InfoPool is updated continually. To ensure that our database is up-to-date, users are asked to notify the FDZ of any new publications. Other literature databases will be notified of any new publications automatically.

Authors may also have their publications made available for download in full text.

Furthermore, all authors are asked to check the FDZ InfoPool for completeness and to notify the FDZ of missing publications.