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Integrated Establishment and Individual Data at the FDZ

Integrated establishment and individual data permit simultaneous analyses of the employer and the employee sides. The FDZ currently provides different integrated establishment and individual data:

  • LIAB - Linked Employer-Employee Data from the IAB
    The Linked Employer-Employee Data from the IAB (LIAB) allow for simultaneous analysis of the supply and demand sides of the German labour market. For this purpose, the IAB Establishment Panel data are matched with individual data from the IAB, thus providing a linked dataset which comprises data from a representative annual establishment survey as well as personal data generated in labour administration and social security data processing.
  • LPP - Linked Personnel Panel
    The Linked Personnel Panel (LPP) is a linked-employer-employee data set on HR work, corporate culture and management instruments in German establishments that evolved within the framework of the project "Quality of work and economic success". With the LPP, the IAB provides a novel data product for personnel economic research in Germany. The simultaneous observation of employer and employee perspective enables to analyze the relationship between HR management, individual job quality and firm performance.
  • Panel “WeLL” – Employee Survey for the Project “Further Training as a Part of Lifelong Learning”
    As part of the project “Further Training as a Part of Lifelong Learning” (WeLL) an extensive innovative dataset is being established which contains information about further vocational training from employers and employees. On the one hand the FDZ makes available the Panel 'WeLL' as scientific use file for external users. This dataset contains the data from the employee survey supplemented by some establishment information. Additionaly the FDZ proviedes the WeLL survey data linked to administrative data of the IAB (WeLL-ADIAB).