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Campus Files

Campus files (CF) are absolutely anonymised data which have been generated by the IAB for the purpose of academic teaching at universities and research institutes.

Due to comprehensive anonymisation techniques utilized in data generation, the data may only be used for teaching various aspects of survey data analysis ranging from data management to specific data analyses techniques. The CFs are not eligible for valid substantial analysis. For this purpose the respective scientific use files or weakly anonymous versions of the underlying data can be used.

Datasets  - the following datasets are available as campus files at the FDZ:

Data access and dissemination

The CFs can be downloaded free of charge. Before downloading the data, the users have to register with the FDZ and acknowledge the terms of use for the FDZ CFs.

In a next step you will receive a password which is necessary to start the download process.

Lecturers may pass on data to students in the course of scientific teaching. When passing on the data, you have to point out the terms of use and the data limitations and constraints. Both commercial use of the data and commercial dissemination are prohibited.