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Campus File: “Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies” - SIAB CF 7508


Exclusively for the purpose of academic teaching at universities and research institutes, the FDZ provides an absolutely anonymised data set based on the scientific use file of the Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (SIAB Regionalfile 7508).

The SIAB Campus File (CF) 7508 is a 20 percent random sample of employment biographies from the SIAB Regionalfile 7508. It is restricted to individuals who began an episode of unemployment benefit I receipt at an age of 25 to 50 in 2005. The period of observation ends in 2008.

In the field of academic teaching, with the SIAB CF 7508 different goals can be pursued. It is in general suitable for an introduction on handling complex data structures (data management, data preparation, working with spell data etc.). In particular, it’s design allows to apply duration analyses and microeconometric methods of policy evaluation.  
The essential differences between the campus file and the scientific use file are:

  • a reduced period of observation
  • a reduced number of observations (cf. chapter 3.3, FDZ-Datenreport 05/2013)
  • a disproportionally drawn random sample (cf. chapter 3.4, FDZ-Datenreport 05/2013)
  • a reduced range of variables, partially modified variable names and modified identification numbers (cf. chapter 4, FDZ-Datenreport 05/2013)
  • reduction of information, e.g. modification of categories, modification of the data on every level (cf. chapter 3.5, FDZ-Datenreport 05/2013)

A description of the SIAB CF 7508 can be found in the FDZ-Datenreport 05/2013 (only in German). For detailed documentations on the SIAB Regionalfile 7508, which are also relevant for analyses with the campus file, please refer to working tools and the FDZ-Datenreport 07/2011.

Advice for data usage

The campus files have been specifically designed for the purpose of academic teaching and serve only for vivid and practical training of survey, data management or various other data analysis techniques applied to different social research problems. Due to the utilized comprehensive anonymisation techniques the data must not be used for any statistical inference concerning the contents or for any kind of publication (including seminar papers or bachelor theses). With this data it is not possible to make generalised statements about individual characteristics or relationships between different characteristics.

Only the scientific use file may be used for valid substantial analysis. Information on the application procedure is available in the category ‘Data Access/Scientific Use File’.

Data access and dissemination

The SIAB CF 7508 can be downloaded free of charge. Before downloading the data, the users have to register with the FDZ and acknowledge the terms of use for the FDZ CFs. In a next step you will receive a password which is necessary to start the download process.

To registration

Both commercial use of the data and commercial dissemination are prohibited.