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Employee survey 'Bonus payments, wages increases, and fairness'

Data source:

The research project 'Bonus payments, wage increases and fairness' was conducted by the Chair of Labour Studies at the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg and the Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency (IAB). The project was funded by the Hans-Böckler Foundation.
Part the project was a telephone survey of about 3,000 workers in 2012.


Through the use of hypothetical scenarios (vignettes), a quasi-experimental design was implemented. The project investigates under which circumstances high salaries or bonus payments for specific occupational groups are accepted as fair by the working public. Participants were asked for fairness judgments of hypothetical scenarios (vignettes) and on their own experiences with bonus payments for managers and with high wage increases for groups represented by craft unions.

Dataset Descriptions

 FDZ Datenreport   

 Frequencies and Labels   

 FDZ-Datenreport 04/2014 (de)  Frequencies and labels (de)

An overview of the survey can be found in FDZ-Methodenreport 07/2013 (only in German).

Please find a short description of the dataset in English in the outline as the data and method reports (featuring the questionnaire) are available in German language only.

Data Access

The Employee survey 'Bonus payments, wages increases, and fairness' (BLoG) is available via the following ways of access:

Further working tools as the standards for the citation of data and data documentation and papers on working with the FDZ data can be found here.