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User survey

The survey has been open to continuous participation since June 2019. We present selected results for one calendar year in summary form on our homepage and will soon respond to the comments and wishes of the participants in a statement. In 2019 a total of 111 respondents took part in the survey. The response rate was thus 15 percent. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants!

Please help us to further develop our range of data and services by using the following link to provide us with brief feedback on your application process or feedback on your experience with the FDZ of the BA at IAB.

Results of the survey on the application process

In 2019 the FDZ approved 463 formal applications. It is not always easy to find the right data for one's own research question from the more than 20 data sets offered. Nevertheless, about 2/3 of the respondents rated the application process as very easy or easy, which is mainly due to the individualized advice provided by the FDZ staff. The information provided on the website and in the data and methodological reports was also rated positively throughout the survey.

Evaluation of the choice of data set

Evaluation of the application process

Evaluation of the consultation on the application 2019

Results of the survey on experiences with the FDZ

In the case of remote data processing, users submit their evaluation scripts (e.g. do files for Stata) to the FDZ and are then given access to the approved results after a data protection check. The software JoSuA (Job Submission Application) is used for remote data processing at the FDZ. More than 2/3 of the respondents rated both the user-friendliness of JoSuA and the support provided by the FDZ team and the JoSuA documentation as very good or good. Also the speed of result transmission is rated as very fast or fast by 74% of the users. In contrast, only 44% of those surveyed judge the traceability of deletions as  very good or good.

Evaluation of JoSuA 2019

Evaluation of the time at which results are transmitted

Evaluation of the traceability of deletions

Evaluation of the documentation and consulting on FDZ data products 2019

With 1424 users in 676 projects in the second half of 2019, the consulting effort for our data products is also relatively high. Nevertheless, 55% of the users rate our consulting as very good or good. 40% of the users do not use these services, which is certainly also due to the good data documentation.

Satisfaction with the data provided

User satisfaction with our data services is very high at 87%. We will soon respond to the individual wishes of our users regarding available data products in a more detailed statement.